Thursday, January 18, 2018

Women in the flooring industry....

Speaking out is sometimes difficult and you do not want to ruffle any feathers especially when the wife is standing in front of your colleague, who just said something very inappropriate to you. What do you say? Nothing of course because the is what we do in that situation. NOT ANYMORE!
 I feel liberated when women all over the world are speaking out and knowing its just not me! I always thought it was a racial thing,  which it may be as well. But its a male-dominated world and because we are so used to this appalling behavior.  When that sometimes I do speak up, I get reprimanded for it. Meaning we actually don't get supported by that actual client anymore.  
There are so many instances, yes I do use my charm to make the connection and yes people do say that it is flirting and why because this flirting strategy does work. I will promise to also be appropriate for these gatherings, I will still be my friendly self and kind but I will walk away or speak when the situation or discussion becomes inappropriate in nature. 
Why do you think I go to these flooring shows all around North America its because my flamboyant attitude attracts attention and it helps the client remember our company! So is this wrong? Yes? No? because for thousands of years women use their charm to either persuade their kings to start a war or end it. But does it mean a colleague can harass me and touch me or say things inappropriately to me, NO you CANNOT! 
The male counterpart will be reading this and saying she dislikes men, No I do not, I have been with my husband for almost 20 years and 15 years married to the same incredible person. We have a son and we are raising him to be kind, to be loving and sensitive and respect everyone. We also have a daughter who we are raising to be strong, independent and a to be a hard worker. This blog is for them so that they can see that we should speak out for what we know is right. That I will no longer be silent when that day comes. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Mekizo Designs

I am not what you call a daily blogger, I really do need an assistant that has a journalism degree!  I post on Instagram about what I am up to on a daily basis but frankly that is all the time I have, a snap shot of my life.  Sometimes I could go on a big rant and other times I just have nothing to say! Yes me nothing to say!

So this is what I have been up to...

Well the carpet design has its short comings because everyone wants the items yesterday or right now. How do I compete with all the people out there Blogging everyday, putting stuff out on a daily basis and have millions of dollars backing them? Websites selling anything under the sun for free shipping...its fast fashion for carpet its criminal.  I can't compete.... I simply cannot!

So a designer friend of mine posted on social media one day and came upon this new website She put her art on these products and I have seen this website before but just ignored it thinking its just gonna be one of those selling on line sites.  But now a friend is using it! Now it has credibility and I thought why not put my artwork on garments and be a part of a community. It's easy, it helps create jobs all over the world. So what's their story?

The FAQ is very informative:

I do love that my work hanging in my studio can now be seen by the world. Because before no one can really see my work but my friends and family.  Shop Vida now not only inspires me but motivates me to create more.  I can just be an artist and not get involved with the day to day operations of operating a business.

You can now view my designs on line:

Daily discounts are provided, a website made for you and your art is out on every social easy is that!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Mekizodesigns by interior surfaces at the Lord Nelson Hotel, Halifax Nova Scotia


Signed, sealed, delivered.... This will be an on going project for .  Big thanks for Design 360 inc for bringing us here at  along it has been a pleasure working with everyone in the team. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Monday, April 11, 2016

Mekizodesigns interview's "The Ruggist" part 2

Melanie MM of Mekizodesigns interview's  "The Ruggist" part 2. We discuss handmade VS machine made area rugs. Please check out his new article ( Collectible or Knot: The value of handmade carpets) is now up on his website and discussing wether what makes a rug a collectible piece of art.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Ruggist interview at Wacky's Design Centre: Part 1

We had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Christie of "THE RUGGIST". This talented, opinionated rug expert has graced us with his presence despite his busy writing schedule. This is part one what is new and what is to come in the rug, carpet world. Please check out his new website that was newly launched

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Mekizodesigns ... Wacky's Design Centre at "The Atrium"

Sometimes we get overwhelmed with "life" and that is really a fully loaded word when you are a parent. So sometimes its nice to be your own person and this day I just get to be Mekizodesigns. We will be starting a vlog with Wacky's Design Centre at the Atrium ( Halifax, NS) with Tiffany Stephens the in-house decorator. A monthly discussion with suppliers, designers, rug experts and local businesses. See you soon and do not forget to subscribe to my channel Melanie MM